Lotus (HMD)
Lotus (HMD)

Lotus (HMD)

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Never ever burn your tobacco free shisha flavor again with this simple and elegant hunk of metal. This "Heat Management Device" or HMD helps regulate the transfer of heat to shisha flavour while preventing charcoal ashes and  other particles from being inhaled. 

It's one of our highest recommend products if you are looking for an excellent fuss free shisha express. Simply place this on any shisha bowl and enjoy 1 - 1.5 hours of smooth shisha smoke.

How to use it?

Using the Lotus is quite simple. The following steps are to help you get started.

  • Pack your shisha head
  • Add the Lotus HMD on top
  • Light your natural coals using a single coil heater or stove
  • Place your coals into the Lotus
  • Add cover
  • Enjoy your smoke 

Things to note:

  • Do not overfill your shisha pack. Leave 1-2 mm of space below the rim of the head
  • Allow your hookah charcoal to fully ignite
  • Ash coals throughout your smoke sessions for optimal performance.

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