Coconut Charcoal
Coconut Charcoal

Coconut Charcoal

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Coconut Cubes Hookah Coals are the most popular hookah charcoal on the market. The Coconut cube charcoal is Canada's top seller for a reason! Manufactured out of raw and organic coconut material to ensure a safe and smooth hookah smoking experience. Similar to Coconara brand these cubes are 100% natural and do not contain any Sulphur or Nitre. Pick up the best natural cube hookah coal at the best price available at Oxide Hookah.

Are you looking to prolong your hookah sessions? Looking for something that does not ash and burn quick? Do you need cube shape hookah charcoal? You've come to the right spot. Coconut Shisha Charcoal are designed to last for the entire duration of your smoke session. Hookah smokers choose Coconut cube hookah coals for their ease of use and for their scentless and tasteless experience. Enjoy nothing but the aromatic smell and pure flavourful tase of your shisha tobacco when using Coconut Coal Cubes. These are simply the best charcoal for hookah when craving long smoke sessions.

When it comes to health and safety, you always want to determine whether the type of hookah charcoal is bad for you or not when smoking. Cocourth Cube shaped coals (square coals) are 100% safe and do not contain any chemicals or fillers. 

Benefits Of Using Coconut Cube Shisha Charcoal:

  • Manufactured out of high quality raw coconut material
  • Easy to light
  • Premium shisha coals that are safe and organic
  • Lasts for a duration of up to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Fits heat management systems
  • Low ash content and scentless
  • Does not contain chemicals or additives
  • Does not interfere with your shisha flavour
  • Precise cut and shape
  • 72 pieces per box
  • 25 mm x 25 mm x 25mm cube shape coal
  • Available in 10KG case format for premium hookah lounges

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