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Buy Premium Shisha Kits and Gift Sets for the Perfect Present

The Perfect Gift for the One Who Has Everything

Knowing what gifts to buy for people can be difficult. Not everyone likes wine… But everyone loves shisha!

Flowers, mugs, scarves – classic, but rather safe choices when it comes to choosing gifts for the people we cherish. For those looking for a truly unique gift, Hookah Hutt offers a wide range of exquisite gift sets comprised of our premium shisha products. Shisha is not only great for some relaxation and down-time, but also a meaningful way to connect with close ones over a solid session of smoke, conversation, and laughter. Be it for birthdays, Christmas, or housewarmings, our premium shisha gifts are sure-fire ways to impress.

We’ll Help You Find that Shisha Sweet Spot

Our shisha gift sets at Hookah Hutt are incredibly easy to use and include everything your loved one will need to get started. Not quite sure of which style of shisha or flavors your loved one will enjoy? Or maybe interested in combining some tobacco-free shisha flavors to the mix? Here’s the good news – you can customize your gift set to include the shisha brands and flavors of your liking, as well as any shisha accessories such as travel cases and hoses.

You can also reach out to us directly for advice and our recommendations for the perfect shisha setup. Our expertly trained staff are always here to help you create the ultimate hookah experience in Hong Kong. Whether your recipients are shisha enthusiasts or hookah beginners, feel free to reach out to find out what shisha gifts are best for them.

So, if you’re stumped on the perfect gift, a little exclusivity is always a good bet. To buy our premium shisha kits, visit us in-store or call us directly on (852) 2366 7588. You’ll be giving a gift that is sure to delight!

Hookah Hutt Gift Sets Include

  • A Shisha (of your choice)
  • Charcoal Tray
  • Durable Travel Case (On select models)
  • Metal Tongs
  • Faux Leather Hose (s)
  • Set up & Care Instructions
  • Custom Pre-cut Foil

Additional Services

  • Home Delivery ( Terms & Conditions Apply )
  • Gift Vouchers