Disposable Mouthtips (100pcs)
Disposable Mouthtips (100pcs)

Disposable Mouthtips (100pcs)

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  • 100 Disposable Plastic Colorful Mouthpieces per bag.
  • Universal size and fit. One size fits all Shisha Hoses.
  • SANITARY& SAFE HOOKAH TIPS: Using a disposable hookah tips is more hygienic when you share your hookah pipe with your friends. You no longer have to think over communicable diseases being spread around.These mouthpieces are made from premium quality, highly durable non-BPA plastic, guaranteed to undergo the test of time. The material is 100% safe and non-toxic ,will not harm your healthy!
  • COLORFUL SHISHA MOUTH TIPS: Hookah mouth tips contain multiple colors. When smoking in a group, you can choose your favorite color according to your personal flavor. Everyone might have different color tips.And them easier to see in dark environments and to ensure you’re using the right one.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED HOOKAH MOUTH TIPS: Individually packaged hookah mouth tips are more convenient and hygienic. When you participate in group smoking, you can bring an individually-packaged disposable hookah mouth tips to avoid sharing a hookah tips with others.A smart one-and-done design, our long hook tips give you more control over every drag.
  • COMFORTABLE & AFFORDABLE : hookah mouthpiece ends are crafted from high-quality plastic that’s safe for everyday use and that won’t impact taste, flavors, or the hookah experience.The package contains 100 hookah tips, which is very affordable. Our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable hookah products. You can enjoy clean smoking at very favorable prices.
  • WIDELY USSAGE : Excellent for plastic washable hoses . 2.11 inches long. 0.47" wide mouth,0.27" Small Mouth.Ensure it will fit with your hose mouth. before you buy it.