Trifecta 250g (USA)
Trifecta 250g (USA)

Trifecta 250g (USA)

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These handmade batches are developed and manufactured in the USA with bold dark leaf. You can enjoy this shisha in any style of hookah bowl and it's very versatile with different packing methods.


LAVENDER MINT: Lavender Mint (dark leaf) from Trifecta Tobacco's dark leaf blend boasts a creative combination of floral lavender flavors and a smooth mint. This creates a mix that gives you an intense cooling sensation throughout while simultaneously providing the earthy, floral tastes of lavender!

PINEAPPLE GAUVA: A summer time classic, Trifecta's Pineapple Guava is paradise in a can! Sweet pineapple on the inhale, juicy guava on the exhale, and silky smooth clouds all the way through. When your friends say they want something really flavorful that reminds them of sitting on a beach, this is the jar you grab.


EARL GREY: Trifecta Dark Earl Grey is a spicey blend of flavor that tastes just like a cup of the renowned Earl Grey tea. Any tea lover will feel right at home with Trifecta's take on Earl Grey. Perfect on its own or in a mix, this flavor is very versatile and helps add a bit of spice to any session. Because this is a dark leaf tobacco, expect slight tobacco notes throughout your session as well as a little bit of an extra buzz.

PEPPERMINT SHAKE: One of Trifecta's newest flavors, Peppermint Shake has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of their top sellers as well. Peppermint Shake is an exquisite blend of icy peppermint and creamy vanilla that has an excellent minty inhale and a smooth and creamy exhale. This one is a must try flavor for any creamy mint fans out there!

GRAPE: If you've tried a grape shisha flavor, chances are that it was a "white grape" flavoring that was used. The white grape shisha tobaccos tend to have a certain pungent sweetness that makes you distinctly aware that you are smoking a "white" grape.

Mango Smoothie:Trifecta Mango Smoothie is a wonderful blend of sweet, tropical mango with undertones of creamy vanilla throughout. When we smoked this flavor, we primarily experienced the strong mango flavors on the inhale and the light creaminess of the vanilla on the exhale.