Darkside (Russian Darkleaf)
Darkside (Russian Darkleaf)

Darkside (Russian Darkleaf)

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The most successful Russian flavor brand and not without reason Darkside is an absolutely high-quality and intense shisha flavor. ... This flavor is darker, slightly stronger with a slightly higher buzz.


SUPERNOVA: Ah the world famous SuperNova is a super-refreshing mix. The combination of mint and icy menthol will satisfy the craving for fresh smoke and will be a great addition to almost all flavoring bouquets.

---(**Supernova is best for mixing with other flavors only**)---

GAUVA REBEL: A light and natural guava flavor. This flavor has an excellent aroma and rich sweet-sour notes of juicy berries that will appeal to many connoisseurs and beginners. 

MANGO LASSI: Is a refreshing drink with tropical notes of juicy fruit. Mango lassi will give truely delight, because its sweet and at the same time refreshing taste is balanced and creamy. A true delight lovers of strong tropical mixes. 

CYBER KIWI: A bright and refreshing opening of a sweet kiwi smoothie with hints of sourness.

GLITCH ICE TEA: Delicate peach taste combined with a subtle tea note. You can safely smoke this flavor by itself. To experiment you can combine it with fresh, berry or tropical flavors. A easy everyday flavor, likely to become a favorite.

BANANAPAPA: A rich and natural banana flavor. This blend will appeal to many for its unobtrusive yet very characteristic tropical fruit sweetness. Smokes great in tropical and fresh mixes. A groovy flavor that surprises and grows on you.