Egyptian Glazed Bowl
Egyptian Glazed Bowl

Egyptian Glazed Bowl

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The Egyptian Shisha bowl is the most common shisha bowl on the market. It is handmade and is generally large, deep in size and is coated with a traditional brown glaze. This item is a handmade shisha bowl that is molded together using Middle Eastern red clay. The Egyptian Clay shisha bowl is great for many traditional shisha brands such as the such as Al-Fakher or Nakhla. Many smokers choose to use this individually for a certain strong flavour such as double apple, Mint or Grape which tend to leave ghosting in the clay after smoking. This item is great for long smoking sessions and holds about 20 grams of shisha flavor. Unlike white clay hookah bowls, red clay generally latches onto flavours and is commonly used with a specific type of tobacco-free shisha in Hong Kong.

Note: Size & shape of each hookah bowl may vary since this product is hand-made.


  • Ceramic hookah bowl makes smoke more convenient, stay the original taste of the tobacco, connect the head perfectly.
  • Stay Original Taste of Tobacco Compared to traditional silicone, It is more likely to maintain the original flavor of the tobacco without the appearance of gummy and burnt flavors.
  • Six hole can provide more cloud. This small change would let you have to love it and use it day by day.
  • Never worry about the job to clean the bowl, the whole bowl covered by glaze. Just use the running water to rinse it.
  • Package: Only the ceramic bowl itself

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